The ARIA Bracelet designed to securely conceal your Fitbit® Flex!

Reference Price:$34.99


We engineered a fashionable alternative to securely hide and fit the FitBit Flex tracker perfectly! This concealed pouch means that the Fitbit Flex will not dislodge from under the bracelet or pouch. So rather than wearing the plain plastic band that comes with your Fitbit Flex, you can simply use this elegant bracelet to dress up your look! QUESTION: Will the FitBit be as accurate if worn in a necklace or a headband? ANSWER: YES! The Fitbit engineering team has developed tracking algorithms to ensure accuracy whether the Flex is on your wrist, your core, or around your neck. For best performance, make sure that your "dominant hand" setting is on "non-dominant." Check out our other necklaces and bracelets designed to be worn with your FitBit! This product is not an official product of FitBit® Inc. FitBit® not included. Not recommended to wear during work-outs or sleep.

Never lose your FitBit® Flex again! Super secure!

Don't ruin your professional or dressy outfit with a plastic wristband!

Beautiful high quality bracelet, can be worn with or without FitBit®! Designed to take you from day to night!

No one will ever know you're wearing a FitBit®!

Ideal to wear on just about any occasion- dates, parties, to the office, weddings or any event!