BAIMIL AOCE-30 Dual LCD Display FM radio multifunction pedometer Belt-clip Step Counter Distance and Calorie Counter

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Brand: BAIMIL Model: AOCE-30 BAIMIL Belt-clip Electronic FM Pedometer Step Count Dual LCD Display Paces are detected via the movement of the waist. So for accurate reading, mount the unit closer to the center of the body. Features: 1.FM radio:Automatically search the radio, plug in the headset can listen to the program 2.Step count: Count your walking/jogging steps, no matter indoor or outdoor. Note: It needs to detect 5 steps or more continuously before it starts counting.This is to eliminate step counts from accidental movement. 3.Distance Measurements: Setting your stride length(see instruction), measuring the distance from start to end. 4.Calorie Burnt Calculation: By your time and distance, how much Kaluri has been consumed. 5.Metric and Imperial:select KG for metric units or LB for imperial units,set desired weight and height. Function: FM autoscan radio Step count Distance travelled Calories burned calculation Clock with buzzed alarm Stopwatch:HH:MM:SS Digital clock:12/24 hours format Autoshut off(if unit is idle for 5 minutes) Imperial/Metric unit setting 5 steps miscount error correction Dual LCD display Size of pedometer:270.9*218.2mm Batteries:AG-13*2 pieces Package Includes: 1*FM radio multifunction pedometer

Pedometer with Clock and listen to the radio function

Step counting,distance and calorie measurement

5 steps Error Correction feature

Dual LCD display

Press "RESET"button to choose between "12H" and "24H" for 12 or 24 hours clock display format.