SUPOW(TM) Premium Fashion 1PC Large Size 178MM-247MM Colorful Watchband Strap Replacement Wristbands/Outdoor Professional Sport

Reference Price:$9.44


Description: Personalize your wristband to match your daily style with this brand new color choices. The size can be adjusted according to the circumstance of individual wrist. According to the customer's preferences, custom different colors Have a size. Applicable to the original Garmin Garmin vivofit intelligent bracelet. The item is as pictured. High quality and Replacement for lost or damaged Bands. Free size that adjust by the button site. Choose different color to change mood in daily life.Beautiful color for your choice and can get variety color then change every day and fit your clothes. In synthetic material security environmental protection material manufacturing. No harm to human body skin, environmental safety, no irritation. NOTE: No Tracker or other parts! For Garmin Vivofit only!

Wrist strap design according with human body engineering, durable, soft moderate, wearing very comfortable.

This commodity as separate parts, must match the GARMIN Vivofit sports health series product to use.

Tear open outfit is convenient, without any tools, quick disassembling replace wrist strap.

Multiple color wristbands for the choose and buy accessories, suitable for all people, style is tie-in, do and decide, have a good mood every day!!

For the player carefully selected high quality wrist strap and buckle, can effectively prevent irritation and discomfort.