Docooler® PG03 Mini GPS Receiver Navigation Outdoor Handheld Location Finder USB Rechargeable with Compass for Outdoor Sport

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Specifications: Receiver: Type L1, C/A code; 51-channel acquisition; 14-channel tracking Maximum Update Rate: 10Hz Display: Pixel H * W: 128 * 64 dot matrix; Backlight color: Blue Appearance: Dimensions: 6.5 * 5.3cm / 2.6 * 2.1in(L * Max.D); Weight: 36g / 1.3oz; Color: Yellow Memory: 512K Accuracy: Position: 10m(2m WAAS corrected); Velocity: 0.1m/ sec Time to First Fix: Hot-Start: 5 seconds average; Warm-Start: 40 seconds average; Cold-Start: 2 minutes average Sensitivity: -161dBm tracking; -157dBm re-acquisition; -148dBm acquisition Power: USB DC 5V and 3.7V 390MAH lithium battery Operation Time: Up to 17 hours Current Consumption: Acquisition:~70mA; Tracking: ~30mA Temperature: Operation: -20 degree celsius~ +55 degree celsius Storage: -30 degree celsius~ +65 degree celsius Package Size: Approx. 21.5 * 12.3 * 4.7cm/ 8.5 * 4.8 * 1.9in Package Weight: 106g/ 3.7oz Package List: 1 * Mini GPS 1 * Charging Cable 1 * Carabiner 1 * User Manual (English)

Satellite time: you are able to get accurate synchronized satellite time and date and stopwatch functions for 12 records one time.

Mini watch-shaped design, compact, so easy to carry.Location finder: Maximum 24 POI (point of interest), including 6 special symbols and series number 1, 2, 3, 4...18.

Velometer: Velocity/ Speed page shows your speed of your current movement, Average velocity, Max velocity of current sports and Max velocity in history.

Pedometer: Total 6 trip modes, including special symbol modes of walking, running, swimming, skiing, riding and biking.GPS receiver: displays geographic coordinates of current position in 3 forms.

With digital compass function, and you will never get lost.Built-in lithium-ion battery, long standby time.With back-lit display.Ideal for Drift/ Camping/ Hiking/ Climbing...