iSunshineTM Fitness Tracker Wristband Pedometer Bracelet Activity Tracker, Vibration Alarm, Remote Control Smartphone Camera

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Specification Screen: 0.91' OLED. Strap Material: TPU Standby time: 5 days, charge with micro USB in package Bluetooth standard: BT4.0BLE Note: As you can see, our product get a lot negative review, we took all those returned product back and did analysis, it's not defective, it takes instruction to use, hope you can read below remind 1. Please connect and synchronize the fitness tracker with your apple or android device before start to use, and you need to connect & synchronize before every time you check the record from APP (it dose not synchronize automatically for power saving reason), you can check the record on the screen of fitness tracker itself also 2. If you set day time from 9:00~21:00, it won't record steps beyond day time, or to say, it won't record steps at sleep time 3. Got complain from customer saying "Each time I move arm it counts even when I was sitting", that's how a wristband is designed, you can check other brand wristband also, we suggest you wear on non-dominant hand 4. Welcome to contact us for any reason, we will reply within a few hours:

Vibration alarm to remind: Alarm clock, calls, text messages, won't disturb or wake up other people

Emergency Notice: The APP of this product on Apple Store met a little problem, you cannot find the APP by searching "wristbandapp fitness" as instructed in user manual, please search "wristbandapp" instead, this problem will be fixed before Jun 20th

Remote Shutter: Remote control of your cellphone camera, make your selfie much more natural then using a selfie stick

Pedometer: Track steps, distance, calories burned and active time statistically, monitor how long and well you sleep

Free Android and IOS App, compatible with Apple IOS 7+ and Android 4.3+ device, APP is available in Apple store and Google Play, not available in Samsung APP Store yet